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The payment engine for

industry 4.0


Our world becomes connected! 41.6 billion devices will generate 79.4 zettabytes of data in 2025 but remain disconnected from financial services. As leading IoT payment engine, CashOnLedger leverages the programmable EUR to connect the world of machines with the world of finance.

Servitization models

with business case certainty

through analytics


Not only does CashOnLedger’s Payment Engine trigger invoices in leading ERP formats, following the ZUGFeRD standard while simultaneously settle the bank accounts transactions, but CashOnLedger does also track transactions to analyze the profitability of each machine, vehicle, or device. Using our technology declares IoT devices as own profit or cost centers to continuously evaluate the market demand.

An end-to-end integration

of Internet of Things Data,

Invoicing & Payments


Using CashOnLedgers solution companies are finally able to monetize their data streams. Whether we talk about telematic-data from vehicles or usage-data of milling & drilling machines, one connected to CashOnLedgers Payment Engine, the data is processed and fed into a settlement logic, which can be arbitrarily complex. Via the connection to our banking partner, the amounts due will automatically be settled as soon as the data is transmitted. Pay-per-Use automation at scale!

Our trusted partners

We are glad to work with leading financial institutions, semiconductors & OEM’s in a vivid ecosystem,
where blurry market boundaries merge into a new scalable Industry 4.0 market.

Our ecosystem

Through our collaboration with innovation trailblazers & regulators, we are paving the way for the machine economy based on the digital Euro.

„We are laying the technological foundation to automate our rental processes in combination with the TracLink system. For us, the workload for rentals drops to a third. Customers benefit from the much simpler processing and 100 percent transparency“
David Lindner

CEO, Lindner Traktorenwerke

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CashOnLedger is a Cologne based Deep-Tech company, which developed an IoT-Payment infrastructure based on the digital EUR. Having designed the payment engine, we combine the connected world of machines with the world of finance. We work hard, think different and drive change in various industries.


CashOnLedger Technologies GmbH
Ubierring 35
50678 Cologne