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Discover the latest insights for Asset-as-a-Service business models; learn about IoT payments and developments in the Digital Euro.

Digital Euro on the blockchain

1. Discussion about the Digital Euro: We need a more fundamental understanding Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) on th...

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The future of payments: programmable payments in the IoT sector

The German industry is increasingly being digitalised. The Internet of Things (IoT) sector in particular promises revolutionary, novel business models that can have a positive...

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Asset as a Service

1. Financing: then & now Until now, customers looking to finance an asset have traditionally had four options: purchasin...

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In an initial online meeting, we usually present CashOnLedger in depth and explain how Asset-as-a-Service models can enable your business.

Showing you already implemented use-cases, will help you shaping your idea. Based on your input, we are implementing a demo with your requirements for the next touchpoint and can take it from there.

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